Gaelic football rules

gaelic football rules

It is a field game, which has evolved along similar lines as Australian Rules Football. The Ball: Gaelic Football is played with a round ball, slightly smaller, and. Gaelic Football Basic Rules - For beginners trying Gaelic football, here's a quick run down of the rules: Teams: 2 with 15 players each Pitch. For detailed information on the Playing Rules of Hurling and Football, equipment specifications and more, visit the Rules & Specifications page in the Coaching  ‎ Transfers/Sanctions Forms · ‎ Official Sponsors of the GAA. gaelic football rules


The Rules of Hurling - EXPLAINED! When a team plays the ball out over the sideline in football, a free-kick from the code v profile shall be awarded to the opposing team. Der senior Meister bekommt den Sam Maguire -Pokal überreicht. In Spielen der Gaelic football rules League oder anderen sogenannten Inter-County-Meisterschaftsspielen beträgt die Spielzeit 2x35 Minuten. Ein Punkt wird erzielt, indem der Ball über die Querstange und zwischen die Torpfosten gespielt wird. Links School Website C. The ball can be carried in the hand for a distance of four steps and can be kicked or "hand-passed", a striking motion with the hand or fist. To determine the score-line goals must be converted to points and added to the other points.


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